Gas Cylinder Exchange

The main contact info for this location:

Moline LP
2607 4th Ave
Moline, IL 61265
Phone: 309-764-2941
Toll Free: 866-866-2011
Hours: Monday-Friday  7:00 – 4:30

LP Exchange Cabinets and/or Filling Station Locations

Gold Star FS locations where customers can go to exchange/refill a 20 lb. LP cylinder

Grilling Safety tips

When grilling, we suggest you adhere to the following safety tips.

FS customers are able to grill more because they get more LP gas with their 20# tanks. Most exchange cabinets only put in 15# of LP gas in a 20# tank. You can exchange/fill your LP tanks at the following locations. Also look for the “Grill More/Get More” signage on our retail customer’s exchange cabinets.