Introducing MiField

Delivering data-driven profitability

We know every farmer and every field are different. This new tool will help us gain a better understanding of the agronomic trends in your field and on your farm to potentially increase your profitability. Our agronomic team will come to your farm and conduct applied research on new products and practices, to help you reach the highest profit per acre.

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Is your field on track to reach the highest profit per acre?

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MiField Applied Research is the agronomic tool designed to deliver the information you need to get the highest profit per acre. 

MiField is more than some distant field trial, it is a network of local, on-farm trials generated by growers to discover how agronomic products or practices can optimize profitability potential.

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Nurture your crop to its full development. 

MiField Nurture provides growers with year-round agronomic information to continually improve recommendations toward their operations’ goals of increased profitability and sustainability. 

The data collected from Applied Research trials help to refine field-specific recommendations that allow our team to manage, monitor and communicate crop performance and yield limiting influences.   


MiField Impact executes the crop recommendation (MiField Nurture) and trials (Applied Research) with a host of technology services and tools. We provide guidance and insights that utilize technology to help bring a positive impact to your operation.